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Dumpster Service Perfect For Homeowners And Contractors

When it comes to dumpster rental in Syracuse NY, Discount Dumpster Rental is hard to beat!

We proudly offer convenient same day dumpster delivery. Dumpsters can be easily placed in driveways or on lawns.

Our ground level walk-in dumpsters makes loading a breeze, saving you time and energy.

No Guessing — we charge a flat rate. Prices include delivery, pick up, and unlimited weight.

Dumpster Delivery, Pickup, and UNLIMITED WEIGHT All Included in Price. NO HIDDEN FEES.
Rent the Dumpster for 1-10 Days at the Listed Price. $10/Day Additional after 10 Days.
Due to DOT Regulations, dumpsters that are loaded above the dumpster side-walls will be charged a $50 Fee for every 8 inches.
Dumpsters Are Available In Five Different Size Containers Perfect For Your Next Cleanup Project.

Discount Dumpster Rental in Syracuse Offers:

  • Upfront Prices
  • Unlimited Weight
  • No Fuel Fee
  • No Delivery Fee
  • No Pickup Fee
  • No Up Charges
  • Driveway Protection
  • Sweep Up


  • Total invoice after pickup
  • Weight Restrictions
  • Fuel Fee
  • Delivery Fee
  • Pickup fee

*State Sales Tax not included

Additional Fees will be applied for Asphalt Shingles and Hard-Fill Material… Brick, Stone, Concrete, Blacktop, Plaster, etc.

Additional Fees are applied for the following items (each)

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  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Due to landfill & compost policies, additional fees may be applied for mixed loads of cleanout waste, construction debris, or yard waste. Please call for details.

Hazardous items not allowed in any dumpster, by law:

Customer is charged a $30 RETURN FEE (each item) if any of these items are found in dumpster when we are unloading it:

Liquid Paints, Oils, Chemicals, Pesticides, Hazardous Materials, Flourescent Light Ballasts, Propane Tanks, Medical Waste, Asbestos Items (Siding, Duct Wrap and Pipe Wrap)

Why are more people choosing Discount Dumpster Rental over the competition?

It’s easy — upfront prices, unlimited weight, and no up charges mean less headache, less hassle, and less confusion for our customers. We strive to make the entire process as simple and pleasant as possible. Customers say that Discount Dumpster Rental Inc is the neatest in the business — we even sweep around the dumpster at the time of pick up, ensuring that everything looks just as good as, or better than, when the dumpster showed up. It’s a win/win!

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best experience possible, so if you’re looking for a Syracuse dumpster rental company or the surrounding area, look no further. Professionalism, integrity, and excellence are the values that drive us and we look forward to helping make your life a little bit easier.

Don’t have time? You may qualify for a free loading service, with purchase of dumpster rental. We also offer affordable junk removal if that option suits you better. Contact us today!

Dumpster Rental Service in Syracuse Area

Junk is a part of life. Everyone has stuff in their life that they want to get rid of, because not everything is easy to reuse or recycle. While it would be nice if everything we want to get rid of could be easily repurposed, there are many items that no one is going to reuse that are destined for the dump. Usually, this junk in our lives is removed in small increments. We put out the trash can every week and a truck comes along to take it away. We eat a take-out lunch and then toss the empty bag into our office trash can. No need for a dumpster rental when most stuff we toss goes away in small amounts.

But other times there’s a lot of stuff you want gone in a hurry. Maybe you’re moving or have inherited a property, or perhaps you are head of a construction site. No matter why you need a dumpster rental in Syracuse, we can deliver one (or more) to you so that you can fill it up, then we’ll cart it off. Let’s take a look at why our discount dumpster rental service can be so convenient.